Illustration Friday: Wilderness

I am in the middle of a very large project, but needed to practice some trees for it (so technically, this isn’t procrastination). Blue pencil sketch, black 0.1 technical pen over it, scanned and paper texture and lettering added on the computer. Slightly larger version here.

The trees are frankensteined from some of my favourite Brisbane trees, and the gowns are from Racinet. The quote is from a very excellent book. Every time I reread it I am amazed by how it is written, and fortunately my father often requests it when I get home. The conversation usually runs as so:

Me: Would you like to talk or read or watch a DVD?
My father: Read.
Me: What do you want? We were halfway through [military history title] and [19th century detective novel].
My father: Pride and Prejudice.
Me: Do you want me to start at the beginning, or do you want the best bits version?
My father: Start when they go to Pemberley.
Me: [reads from Pemberley to end and starts again at beginning]
My mother: [from the sewing room, periodically] That’s just like in the miniseries!