Illustration Friday: Perspective

Illustration Friday: Perspective 1

This week’s Illustration Friday contribution was inspired by memories of trick corridors in the science museum, and Alice (of course) and the infamous chocolate factory.

Technical pens and digital colour. The usual model (and I don’t know how headscarfs like that are meant to be practical for housework – it didn’t survive more than a few scrambles back and forth to reset the camera).

The first colour combination was a bit brighter – I ended up keeping the colours but mixing the layers differently. These colours look nice when printed but I think they’re a bit strong onscreen.

Illustration Friday: Perspective 1

The full-length picture is also my new March header:

March Blog Header

And in other wonderlandish news, I came home last night, in the rain (which is… constant) and when I opened the mail box an actual moth flew out. I thought that only happened in cartoons. In the carport, however, was a parcel from crisitunity with ceylon cinnamon anise jam! Now, for some reason the natural habitat of gourmet homemade jams seems to be the back of cupboards (the principle of jam every other day, but never today), so I opened it at once and ate some – it is very wonderful and I had it on hot cross buns for breakfast again this morning (on the principle of jam every day).

Also, on 612ABC Spencer Howson (a) managed to pronounce Tanaudel with a minimum of hesitation and (b) read out my comment on how I heard the tsunami warning (The Day After Tomorrow was on as a background to processing reference for a project, and the warning scrolled across the bottom of the screen – on about the fourth repeat I realised it wasn’t part of the movie). We are Spencer fans in my house, so it was generally quite an enjoyable day (tsunami warnings and flash flooding aside).

18 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Perspective

    • Thanks! That’s what I was going for – have you ever walked into one of those optical-illusion/trick-perspective corridors? It’s cool, like turning into a giant.

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  2. I really like this picture, and I think it’s a nice design for a header. Very 50s.

    Re: the tsunami warning: that’s how I saw it too! I had a chuckle about irony but forgot it instantly. I was a little distracted by the massive wall of water about to bury the people trapped in cars. Mum rang the other morning to tell me not to go for a walk on the beach that day. I asked later if anyone had heard what happened at our location, and everyone sort of shrugged and said, “I dunno. We looked but we didn’t see anything.” Currently I’m more concerned about the flooding waterway five metres from my sister’s back door, and wondering if I can quickly rescue all my valuables if I discover myself to be floating in the middle of the night. The waterfowl have been enjoying the last two days’ drenchings immensely. The dogs less so.

    • Hey!!
      When I saw it at the cinema, we came out into a perfectly clear, icy Toowoomba night, eerily like the film.

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