Illustration Friday: Brave

Illustration Friday: Brave

“Fortune favours the brave”.

Technical pen with digital colour. Trying out colouring techniques while listening to the Oscars and suffering from spending almost two hours gardening yesterday.

When I told my father what this week’s Illustration Friday topic was, he said, “I was brave importing your mother and sister”. He also says, more often, that it was the best thing he ever did. So I thought of doing a picture of that, but the actual import involves spanish cowboy boots, a cotton scarf and a ratty Shirley Temple wig and on short notice I could only lay my hands on the wig.

Earlier today I also reposted the Snapshot interview with a little preview of a recent project.

15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Brave

  1. Wonder how that would look with the Latin translation of “Audentes fortuna iuvat”? But I like it – even if it is not the usual fare on Errantry!

    • I was trying to work some contributing influences out of my system – and will add latin to the list of future illustration possibilities.

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