Frustration-Induced Calendar Illustrations

I have no calendar at home (the Bureau of Meteorology calendar is at the office, being deservedly admired). Tonight I finally fell victim to the perfect storm of calendarlessness, frustration, having-better-things-to-do and it being past my bedtime. I seized upon an A3 sketchpad, a whiteboard marker and freehanded sketches of some of my favourite things:

Calendar: 2010 March-June

The beauty of drawing your own calendar a quarter of the way through the year is that it substantially reduces the scope of the exercise. The first two pages are now stuck to cupboard doors in the kitchen. They may attract colour if I ever wander through there with a coloured pencil, which is not entirely unlikely.

17 thoughts on “Frustration-Induced Calendar Illustrations

  1. These are rather wonderful. I also have no callender at the moment and now feel inpired to spend some time creating my own… of course that may just be my brain seeking to procrastinate on the 3 major assignments I have due in the next two weeks. sigh…. don’t suppose you want to write 100 or so lines of poetry for me? No?… pity.

  2. I want to make my own now too. On the other hand, I also want you to make a calendar and sell it.

    Because, really, calendars are mostly just wonderful excuses for hanging art. :)

  3. the trouble with calendars is you can look back and see things you thought you should have done better, but then you relize there is still the rest of the year to fix things. I HOPE

  4. Your calendar making very inspiring. When I get time about halfway the year … what I do always make myself is my rain chart. Big enough boxes to fit in mm in the hundreds. Not so artistic of course

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  6. I still always make up my own rain chart, the squares come out bigger than when a computer does them. And we’ve needed bigger squares these last 18 months. Your calendar is an inspiration. Maybe I’ll do something with my thread-sketches.

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