Illustration Friday: Dip

Illustration Friday: Dip

I’m getting back into scratchboard after a break (I do like it for birds). This is, as usual, smaller than it is shown here. The original is 7.5×4.5cm.

In other news

  • I have introduced my mother to A. E. Housman.
  • There may be a change in hair lengths in my illustrations – on the weekend my mother cut my hair off to collar length, which must be at least a foot shorter than it was.
  • My sister’s dog is, ungraciously, accepting me as a poor substitute in her absence.
  • Since no one else has to eat my cooking for the next few weeks, I am experimenting with cooking: macarons – perfect; roast miscellaneous vegetables – very good; Sayers-inspired omelettes (savoury and sweet) – I made an omelette that worked!!!; couscous in the office kitchenette – effective; boston baked kidney beans – intriguing; gluten free cornbread – dry, but has potential; rice-milk custard – unmitigated failure. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned in there somewhere. But the macarons really were very good.

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Dip

    • :) You got me. The couscous was ordinary couscous – I can eat gluten but am trying to broaden my repertoire.

  1. I like the drawing…a really interesting rendition of the water, contrasted with that rocky beach.

    Housman is something else; his Easter Hymn has moments of beauty but he is so melancholy.

    • Thanks Will. And yes – I am fond of Housman, but one of the advantages of his poetry is its length. I can handle melancholy in short doses (eg I am quite fond of Hardy’s “Gunner Hodge” and violently opposed to Tess).

  2. Glad to see you experimentin’ with stuff I can eat! :)

    Is the water meant to look bleak or evil? Or is that her pose and the fact it’s black and white and a rocky beach, not a sandy one? Still, a good picture, not least because it’s so breathtakingly small!

    • What? It’s not like I etched in on a grain of rice or something! Hmmm….:)

      Still at the experimenting stage, alas, but I may still inflict some of it on you this weekend.

      It is meant to be bleak, so I’m glad that came across.

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