After a fall-off in new pages (due to large art projects), I have started making myself sit down and sketch more frequently (if nothing else, it is an excellent excuse to have a coffee in the morning – I am paying for drawing time and subjects, not just for beans in milk). I’ve also put up a page with links to all the uploaded sketchbooks:

The animal below is my younger sister’s dog, Diesel, enjoying a moment of transendence.

Page 08

The girl hiding behind the lamp-post amuses me. The guest artist is Madeleine Rosca, author of Hollow Fields, whom I met at the Aurealis Awards (her drawing is from the awards in January).

Page 09

The Atrium in the Anzac Arcade is becoming a regular location for me, not least because one of the food court cafes has decently-priced coffee with free doughnuts and Fawlty-towers-esque customer relations. I do not go to the botanic gardens as often as I should (I don’t even have to cross a road to get there from work, but I get very sleepy after spending lunch hour in the sun), and they have ibises and eels and turtles and enormous bearded dragons which sit, squinting, across the paths with the tips of their tails hanging down into the water and won’t move (although they do regard you with suspicious disapprobation). Also, there are avenues of clattering bamboo, tall and green and carved with white initials (there is something beautiful about graffiti on bamboo), and cathedral-buttressed figs.

Page 10