Illustration Friday: Linked

Illustration Friday: Linked

A very small (smaller than shown here) watercolour on bristol board.

I hope to be able to post some more discarded thumbnails soon. In the meantime, I have been cooking! Aimee and Lisa were here for the weekend and a man came down the street selling boxes of fruit, so we had stewed apples and fresh oranges and a big bowl of red grapefruit pieces at breakfast. We had buckwheat pancakes and roast vegetables with sour cream and cornbread and gravy, and peaches and butter on cornbread, and sweet omelettes with hot jam, and butter and maple syrup on cornbread, and savoury omelettes with salsa and sour cream, and apple sauce on cornbread, and cornbread with peach slices baked onto it and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. We had stir fried thai-ish chicken with rice noodles which suffered from not being cornbread. We drank tea made in an actual teapot in old tea cups and talked, and read Connie Willis and Susannah Clarke out loud and lay around and played Victorian parlour games.

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