Illustration Friday: Detective

Illustration Friday: Detective

Technical pen (the original is very small and drawn with 0.1 and 0.2 pens), and one of the new hats I mentioned earlier (Illustrations fallen by the wayside). The jade-handled magnifying glass appeared last time I ventured into Nancy Drew territory.

Here it is with a touch of colour.

Illustration Friday: Detective

And a variation (I’ve been reading through my 1930s schoolgirl annuals looking for insults stronger than “what a beastly pig”, and this is very influenced by that style).

Illustration Friday: Detective

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Detective

  1. I have been so busy this year Tanudel….
    One misses visiting your blog and other favs round this globe.

    Loved this post…just the mention of the word beastly makes me laugh…reminds me of those long ago books!

    I had a book/diary on that English guy… why cant I recall his name right now… all those tennis court, drawing room, car driving, shooting party images with the askew commentary -love that!
    anyway … hope life hasn’t been too damn beastly for you of late!

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