Illustrations fallen by the wayside

Discarded thumbnails

I recently did some thumbnail roughs for an editor. Ultimately, the editor and author decided to go in a different direction with the illustrations (alas, but I am looking forward to seeing the final book), so we will never find out if I can draw a detailed sandcastle.

Discarded thumbnails

In other news:

  • Other illustration projects continue – I’m having a lot of fun.
  • Two short story drafts in two weeks! One is set in Western Queensland and is about domesticity and becoming like your mother – also people get killed, but some of the characters survive! and get a happy ending! See how I am growing as an author? The other started with The Frog Prince and went sideways, and is about ornamental ponds and the importance of speaking correctly for your station, and is much more lighthearted.
  • On the weekend I made apple bread and banana bread and double-cornbread-with-cheese and chilli-con-carne and instead of eating those went over and had tea (and gingerbeer and Angela’s apple-meringue pie) with Angela Slatter, which was lovely.
  • While avoiding my favourite patisserie (they know my name) I went past a hat shop, and bought hats! They may show up in an illustration. Also, coffee is cheaper.
  • Oh, and a birthday party is being had at me in Hattonvale on 29 May 2010. I’m not sure when my mother is sending invitations, but if you think you ought to get one and don’t, let me know!

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