Illustration Friday: Ahead

Illustration Friday: Ahead

I spent the Anzac Day weekend at home talking with Aimee (she had spent Friday night with my parents) making pavlova, reading Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle to my dad, writing (finished another first draft) and walking my sister’s dog. Oh, and watching Doctor Who and Foyle’s War. This is a small pen drawing with digital colour.

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Ahead

  1. This is nice…was curious as to what breed of dog Diesel might be. And, speaking of Doctor Who, now that I have caught up somewhat with the good Doctor’s adventures, are you folks in Australia watching the new Doctor’s initial episodes? I wasn’t ready for David Tennant to leave but the new guy has potential, methinks.

    • Staffy/cattle cross.
      Yes, yes we are very much watching the new episodes! Definite potential, and a distinct personality (although very Peter-Davison-as-Tristan).

  2. Very effective, Dogs are so…forward, in their noses. One word re Doctor Who: Stephen Moffat. Very excited about this season (which I will be catching up with on DVD).

    • Thanks, nicky linzey! I have to be careful when I’m running because he’ll stop suddenly in the middle of the path and I go over.

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