Canberra sketches

The weekend before Easter I flew to Canberra to visit my older sister and her family (and go to the Masterpieces of Paris Exhibition – I am now a fan of Les Nabis).

The page on the left is still in Brisbane – I have taken to drawing in Anzac Square Arcade in the mornings before work. On the right is the flight to Canberra – one of the flight attendants had friends in the seats across the aisle.

Page 11

On the left is my older nephew, Ben, at basketball, and some drawings by him. On the right is my sister’s lounge room.

Page 12

On the left is Ben – we sat out in the big basket/sunchair beside the pool and played drawing games a la Mr Squiggle. Below is my younger nephew, Sam, agonising over his homework. That is his Droring on the right – it is a murderous space crab capable of shooting lightening bolts from its claws.

Page 13

On the left is my sister’s drawing of her kitchen counter. On the right, the boys are doing homework underneath gallery patrons admiring a Gauguin.

Page 14

More homework on the left, and my congregation playing touch-footy/Calvinball. On the right, we return to Anzac Square Arcade (and the reason I have chosen it – people watching plus free doughnuts with coffee!).

Page 15

You can see larger versions of the pages by clicking on a picture to go to its Flickr page, and then clicking on “All sizes” above it. Here’s a page on this blog with links to the Flickr sets of each of my sketchbooks:

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