March and April Short Movie Reviews

I am using the good/bad rating system this year. It is not an objective ranking – sometimes I like terrible movies, and detest ones that I know are well made.


Crazy Heart: Good. Borderline – I liked it for the loving humour of the first half and not the slice-of-life realism of the second. Good music.

Daybreakers: Good. This is nothing to do with the plot or the acting (I can’t watch Sam Neil play a vampire seriously after seeing him in the Eat Red Meat (we like to boogie) commercials) but solely because it was filmed in Brisbane and I spent the movie going, “There’s my office! That’s just down the street! That’s where the cycle path goes under the bridge!”

Alice in Wonderland: Bad. It hinted at a greater story that never eventuated. Johnny Depp was, predictably, good, but I wanted more of the great romance between the Cheshire Cat and the Hat. The costumes were fabulous set-pieces, however, and there were lots of Burton spirals (TM).

Men Who Stare at Goats: Bad. Borderline – it would have been good if it finished 1 second earlier.

Green Zone: Good. Self-contained and concise, a very neatly packaged story but not one that lingers.

How to Train Your Dragon: Good. I had a blast. Wonderful dragons, gorgeous character design.


Kick Ass: Good. And unrecommendable. Or Bad, but raises interesting issues. Starts as crude teen comedy and ends as ultra-violent heartwarming family drama.

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang: Good. Barely on balance and Ewan McGregor’s cameo helped with that, as did the accuracy of farm children and the deployment of military nannies. But such an old fashioned movie – it’s hard to get a grip on it.

8 thoughts on “March and April Short Movie Reviews

    • It was certainly intriguing. As for Bridges and Gyllenhall… I haven’t quite worked out how I like her as an actress. I *want* to like her, but her characters usually irritate me.

  1. :D Thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog! Saludos!
    PS-(and finally I found someone who think alice is wonderland is BAD!)

  2. I’ll have to check Daybreakers out too, for two reasons, one being that I completely understand why seeing a movie filmed in Brisbane would catch your attention. I have spent a good bit of time in Toronto and am captivated when I see a scene from a place where I have been there – and it happens more than I would have expected! Plus, I like Sam Neill – and have ever since Reilly: Ace of Spies which I found spellbinding.

    • I’ve never seen that – will check it out! I find him alarming at times, but love him for Jurassic Park and The Dish.

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