Mother’s Day Card – process

I made banana bread last night and brownies this morning – a long bar tin and a heart-shaped tin of fudgy brownies with white chocolate chips stirred in, and talked to my sister’s boyfriend and did a brush sketch of some crockery (top left, below).

Mother's day card - process

Some friends of my sister called in, so we had fresh hot brownies and toasted banana bread with butter and tea, and I drew pictures and played hangman and did maths with their kids (“will you please write some plus and minus problems for me?”). After the tide of people abated, I scanned and coloured sketch on the computer and printed the final picture (top right) as a mother’s day card. Deb is on her way over now for tea and brownies.

Oh! And the cover for the Worlds Next Door anthology is up, and looks great!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Card – process

  1. Oh so pretty!
    And thanks for the process, too.

    Went to the Victoria and Albert Museum today. LOTS of pretty dresses!


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