Illustration Friday: Fearless

Illustration Friday: Fearless

I unwound after a tense day by testing a new pen nib (and thanks to some gifts from my sister: a sour cherry tart and some more novelty cookie cutters). The nib is excellent – not as fine as I’m used to, but I only had to dip it three times to finish the picture.

This is the irrepressible Princess Eilonwy “of the red-gold hair” from Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, after finding the sword in the tomb below Spiral Castle when rescuing Taran the Assistant Pig Keeper and (accidentally) a wandering bard. Taran and Eilonwy grow up over the series, but Eilonwy never shuts up. She has a lively turn of phrase, is unfazed by magic swords, underground kingdoms, Cauldron Warriors and oracular pigs, and has an endearing dedication to finishing embroidery even though she isn’t very good at it.

10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Fearless

  1. I loved those books! They were a delight to read out loud to my boys. And I really really like this picture too. Only three dips? What kind of nib are you using?

    • I love reading them out loud! If anyone stays still long enough, they risk having these books inflicted on them…

      The nib is a Hunt School Round Pointed 56.

  2. I read the Pyrdain books many times as a youngster. My daughters are not old enough yet (a couple years still), but you can bet I’ll be reading these books to them when they’re ready.

    The drawing is super! I would honestly repurchase the series with illustrations like yours.

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