Illustration Friday: Equipment

Illustration Friday: Equipment

I drew these with a calligraphy pen (Artline 1.0) and coloured them with watercolour pencils (Faber-Castell Albrecht Duerer, which used to be my mother’s). These are all from my kitchen drawers. From left to right: I-don’t-know-but-it-might-be-related-to-a-zester; citrus juicer; button hook; wooden biscuit stamp. A quick illustration while waiting to go out with my sister. I spent the morning walking the dog, giving the purple bushes in front of the house a style cut and making banana bread (we freeze it in slices and toast them in the sandwich maker for breakfast).

9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Equipment

  1. Your might-be-related-to-a-zester is probably a thing to make pretty patters on a dish of butter. (At least I have one and I use it for that)

  2. Thanks, all! Irina – my mother thought it might be for pressing the pastry on pies – so far the consensus is for pattern-making.

  3. I like these, though I have never seen a wooden biscuit stamp like that. The biscuit stamps I’ve seen are metal and look more ruthless, if that makes any sense, than that wooden one does.

    Good work with the coloring!

  4. My experience with the first item is as a zester – you scrape the surface of the fruit with it and get wee peels of zest. But you could certainly use it as a pattern-maker.

    I found it funny that I could easily identify the first two and definitely could not identify the last one.

  5. Will – I love the idea of ruthless biscuit stamps! I’ve seen quite a few wooden thistle ones for shortbread, but this I bought in Freiburg.

    crisitunity – That’s what I thought, but it doesn’t seem sharp enough, and all the zesters I’ve had have a row of little holes at the end of the corrugations, like a miniature grater. Hang on – I think I have a lime… no, not sharp enough for a zester (also, I now smell like a nice pad thai).

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