Girl with coffee

In the mornings, I often stop for coffee at the ANZAC Square Arcade before work, and sketch the passers-by and the regulars. It’s fast work – most of the subjects are on their way from the station to their office.

Page 16

Often it’s just a matter of trying to catch the angle of a face, or a pose, or a hairstyle, or a striking scarf. You can see the season changing through these pages and the ones to come.

Page 17

You can see a larger version of the pages by clicking on the picture and then – when that takes you to its Flickr page – clicking on “all sizes”. The sketches are very small. The sketchbook itself is only a moleskine pocket sketchbook: 14cm (5 1/2 inches) high.

Woman with bag

The rest of this sketchbook (so far) is here: