Illustration Friday: Early

The frightful importance of arriving early. Inspired by the limited colour schemes of old books, German illustrations, a 1930s (I think) guide to home economy and a fear of Things with Teeth in my house (see further below).

This is pen and ink and watercolour pencil on a piece of A5 (14.8 x 21cm) paper. Originally, I wanted to draw this using one continuous line, but while I followed one continuous line (starting top left and zigzagging down the page), the ink dried in the nib very quickly (I am using the airconditioning so that the living room functions as a dryer, which is great for flannel sheets but not so much for ink) and the nib skips on this paper. I was also trying to take a video of it, but had issues with focus and precarious tripod perches (the table looks like the set of War of the Worlds) and available memory.

You can see the whole picture larger here, and below is a close-up of Red looking unconvinced.

Close up of 'Early'

In other news, I spent most of today making sugar cookies and being reassured that my house is not being eaten by termites – something I can relax about!