Illustration Friday: Slither

Illustration Friday: Slither

The Lady of the Green Kirtle (from The Silver Chair), mid-change, sporting a rather ’90s updo. Pen and ink and digital colour.

In other news, my hair was cut again (a group effort, this time, and not something which should be done the morning of your birthday party, mid-preparations, but no harm done). Also, aside from other projects, I have been working on a thank-you card design. My little sister (and style consultant) vetoed the first design (ink and watercolour bougainvillea flowers), but I finished the new design tonight and will post it once I print and write and send all the cards.

11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Slither

  1. I got a surprise when I scrolled down the page to have a look. The snake like bottom was not what I expected! I expected to see the rest of the medieval dress. But I like it: the element of surpirse :D

  2. See, I always figure that by the time she’s in serpent form, her beauty is not quite so serene as this. It’s of course a lovely and appropriate illustration, and I knew whom you had drawn before I scrolled down to read the description, so I’d call it a success. But that would be my picky criticism.

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