Update & Sketchbook


Life continues lively – I’ve been locked away for a week working on The Project, which is now finished at 17 pages of black and white comic, pending further editorial input. I did manage to *do* an Illustration Friday illustration last week, but did not have time to upload it. I am starting to resent the time it takes to eat, of late.

Here are some more sketchbook pages! ANZAC Arcade as usual, with a few other weekday haunts. They have free doughnuts in ANZAC Square Arcade and lovely scones at Cafe Yi, if that information is useful.

Page 21

That’s the doughnut dispensary in the top right, below, with Charmaine behind the counter. Also, some scenes from the City Botanic Gardens – lots of ibises endangering small children.

Page 22

And here’s a close-up of some backpackers by the lily ponds.

Backpackers in the Gardens

Illustration Friday: Ripple

Illustration Friday: Ripple

If all the world were paper,
and all the seas were ink,
and all the trees were bread and cheese –
what would we have to drink?

2.5×3.5 inch card – brush and ink. This will be available for a donation on the Ripple blog: ripplesketches.blogspot.com/

Moleskine Exchange – Portrait Party


Here is my entry in RebelPapa’s moleskine for the portrait party exchange (http://mxportraits1.blogspot.com/). This is part of the international moleskine exchange (http://www.flickr.com/groups/moly_x).

What I took away from this experience was *not* to do self-portraits in a hurry in ink without sketching in pencil first while my sister tries to make you decide what film to watch.

Portraits-RebelpapaAlign Center

More ANZAC Arcade sketches

I get a bit skittish, these days, if I can’t have my coffee and sketch the passersby in the morning before work! At the bottom left of the first spread is a glimpse of the metal tree (with coloured glass fruit) that stands in the centre of the atrium of ANZAC Square Arcade. Wires across the space hold more flat panels with leaves, and mosaic leaves are set into the floor. It’s one of my favourite sculptures in Brisbane.

Page 19

Below on the left is a straw cloche with ribbon embroidery from the 1930s which I saw at Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones, a wonderful exhibition of antique and modern hats and headdresses at the Queensland State Library (free and on for another week, I think). It is beautifully curated, like a gothic-baroque candy shop, all black pillars and deep arched alcoves and hanging ribbons and fabrics, with a final room of templates and bright paper and people of all ages making their own remarkable paper hats.

Page 20

On the lower right, I’ve started drawing small figures instead of just cameos – I have to work even faster with this, but it’s fun when it works (and led to this month’s header).

In other news, I am wrestling with comic projects and for this reason have been refusing invitations to all-night movie marathons (Friend: You got middle-aged quickly! Me: I’m drawing comics!!!). I go through a love-dislike-loathe-love cycle with most projects. Last night I was doing colours on the computer and had to go watch Poirot with tea to get over the misery, but this afternoon after a ramble through hidden parkland and industrial streets (and a bout of banana-bread making) I have been doing pencil roughs which are much more tractable.

NB: If you want to see a close-up of the images, click on the pictures to go to their Flickr pages, then click on “All Sizes” above the image.

Thank you card

Despite of my sustained resistance, my family put on a birthday party for me, and it was a lovely afternoon – excellent and diverse company, beautiful food (my older sister flew up from Canberra to help cater), white tablecloths, coloured glass bottles and sprays of bougainvillea down the tables.

I planned to put the bougainvillea on the thank you cards, but the designs were vetoed by my younger sister, so instead I set up one of my gifts (if you’re reading, thank you again, AH!) with some aftermath of cake and sketched that directly with a dip pen and ink. My sister approved, so I coloured it on the computer, printed it on some heavy drawing paper (it has a lovely texture), folded, trimmed, wrote and posted:

Thank You

Illustration Friday: Trail

Illustration Friday: Trail 2

I imagine the picture above as the end-papers to a picture book. Pen and ink with an old page scanned and added on the computer.

The next is a mash-up of ‘Fields of Gold’ and ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ – pen and ink with digital colour.

Illustration Friday: Trail 1

One of the first ideas I had for this topic was Hansel and Gretel and the trail of bread crumbs, but they turned into another famous brother and sister, and a different trail.

Illustration Friday: Trail 3

ANZAC Arcade sketches and June Header

More sketches of ANZAC Arcade regulars – my favourite here is the pigeon:

Page 18

The June blog header is made up of people who appeared in the arcade on 4 June:

June header

I went with friends to see ET on the big screen as part of the Regent Cinema closing down events (they were showing a different movie each day for the decades the cinema has been open, starting with A Night at the Opera and finishing with The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) and as I was sketching the light fixtures one of my friends said I remind him of the cameras in Pratchett’s Discworld books, which have a little imp inside painting furiously (colour takes longer).