Thank you card

Despite of my sustained resistance, my family put on a birthday party for me, and it was a lovely afternoon – excellent and diverse company, beautiful food (my older sister flew up from Canberra to help cater), white tablecloths, coloured glass bottles and sprays of bougainvillea down the tables.

I planned to put the bougainvillea on the thank you cards, but the designs were vetoed by my younger sister, so instead I set up one of my gifts (if you’re reading, thank you again, AH!) with some aftermath of cake and sketched that directly with a dip pen and ink. My sister approved, so I coloured it on the computer, printed it on some heavy drawing paper (it has a lovely texture), folded, trimmed, wrote and posted:

Thank You

7 thoughts on “Thank you card

    • It was held to be too wilted in its first version, and too unlike both bougainvillea and my usual style in the second! When B saw this she said, “That’s more like it – I knew you had it in you” :)

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