More ANZAC Arcade sketches

I get a bit skittish, these days, if I can’t have my coffee and sketch the passersby in the morning before work! At the bottom left of the first spread is a glimpse of the metal tree (with coloured glass fruit) that stands in the centre of the atrium of ANZAC Square Arcade. Wires across the space hold more flat panels with leaves, and mosaic leaves are set into the floor. It’s one of my favourite sculptures in Brisbane.

Page 19

Below on the left is a straw cloche with ribbon embroidery from the 1930s which I saw at Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones, a wonderful exhibition of antique and modern hats and headdresses at the Queensland State Library (free and on for another week, I think). It is beautifully curated, like a gothic-baroque candy shop, all black pillars and deep arched alcoves and hanging ribbons and fabrics, with a final room of templates and bright paper and people of all ages making their own remarkable paper hats.

Page 20

On the lower right, I’ve started drawing small figures instead of just cameos – I have to work even faster with this, but it’s fun when it works (and led to this month’s header).

In other news, I am wrestling with comic projects and for this reason have been refusing invitations to all-night movie marathons (Friend: You got middle-aged quickly! Me: I’m drawing comics!!!). I go through a love-dislike-loathe-love cycle with most projects. Last night I was doing colours on the computer and had to go watch Poirot with tea to get over the misery, but this afternoon after a ramble through hidden parkland and industrial streets (and a bout of banana-bread making) I have been doing pencil roughs which are much more tractable.

NB: If you want to see a close-up of the images, click on the pictures to go to their Flickr pages, then click on “All Sizes” above the image.

6 thoughts on “More ANZAC Arcade sketches

  1. I absolutely love these sketches! You have the ability to capture movement and depth in very minimum number of lines. Very cool. I stumbled onto your page randomly, but am very glad I did!

  2. And I love the header. The little letters between the figures, almost as afterthoughts. The figures in their winterclothes being part of the month’s name. Quirky.

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