Update & Sketchbook


Life continues lively – I’ve been locked away for a week working on The Project, which is now finished at 17 pages of black and white comic, pending further editorial input. I did manage to *do* an Illustration Friday illustration last week, but did not have time to upload it. I am starting to resent the time it takes to eat, of late.

Here are some more sketchbook pages! ANZAC Arcade as usual, with a few other weekday haunts. They have free doughnuts in ANZAC Square Arcade and lovely scones at Cafe Yi, if that information is useful.

Page 21

That’s the doughnut dispensary in the top right, below, with Charmaine behind the counter. Also, some scenes from the City Botanic Gardens – lots of ibises endangering small children.

Page 22

And here’s a close-up of some backpackers by the lily ponds.

Backpackers in the Gardens

3 thoughts on “Update & Sketchbook

  1. I was curious, are you using markers to color your sketches? If so, do you have issues with them bleeding through the paper? Thanks, and I really enjoy seeing your drawings!

  2. I love the pigeon walking unconcernedly through the scene. Also such commentary as grimaud50’s about the processes of your craft.

    Though I often know nothing about the tools and materials used, discussion of their properties is sometimes like reading alchemy.

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