Illustration Friday: Satellite

Illustration Friday: Satellite

It’s a satellite moon, it’s a plagiarised tune, the duck on the lake’s a decoy…”
– Flanders & Swann

Brush and ink and photoshop, trying to loosen up after the last few weeks of solid comic-ing.

There was a partial lunar eclipse last weekend – I remembered just as I went to bed and rushed out to stand on the front steps in my pajamas admiring it.

Here’s the new blog header as well:

July Header

22 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Satellite

      • The old-old version of “Paper Moon” is pretty good, but there’s a newer version by an American singer-songwriter named Erin McKeown that I like a lot. I just think it’s a wonderfully written song, whoever sings it.

        I added a hyphen because people were mistakenly calling me christunity, and while I certainly have no beef with Jesus, he’s not what my handle is about. I thought the hyphen would help people to read the word before assuming. :)

  1. I really like that header…interesting how both illustrations have a lunar/celestial theme, yet (to me, anyway) they are quite different.

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