Illustration Friday: Breakfast

Pen and ink and watercolour pencil.

During the week I’m reading CS Forester, but on the weekends I’m reading Instructions and My Cat Likes To Hide in Boxes and admiring Charles Vess’ and Lynley Dodd’s art. If you have never read My Cat, you should, just for Lynley Dodd’s wonderful, lively lines (she also drew Hairy McClairy, but even he and Slinky Malinky combined don’t stack up against the utter, benevolent magnicifence of the Cat from Norway who got Stuck in a Doorway). I was looking for One was Johnny to give to a friend and was overjoyed to find My Cat instead – I bought two (only because that was all they had).

Lynley Dodd is the reason there is a cat on that pyjama top. Recent experiments with Pop Tarts (imported by a candy store I pass on the way to work) are the reason for the Pop Rats. There was another illustration which showed the box of Pop Rats (delicious toaster rodents) but I’m not inflicting that on you. I’ve also been reading up on early 20thC illustrators, which is the reason for the borders. And I’ve spent most of the weekend in the office, which is why I’m longwinded.