Sketching: commuters, mangroves, giant knitting

You can see the sketches in more detail by clicking on the picture to go to its Flickr page, and then on the “all sizes” icon above it.

One of my nephews regularly asks me what is my favourite thing to draw and I always answer ‘origami’. I also went out in the garden with pen and ink to try drawing mint leaves. Mock orange (top right on the left-hand page) is very popular in this part of Brisbane – it makes glossy dark hedges and seems to flower all year around – incredibly sweet drifts of scent. On the left are the little orange-yellow berries of another popular local (and I cannot discover the name for it – I’m pretty sure they sell it at the hardware down the road, so I should wander down and check it).

Page 23

Here is ANZAC Square Arcade during State of Origin – the lady at the patisserie is an ardent NSW supporter – and mangroves in the City Botanic Gardens.

Page 24

More people on the way to work, and one of the lovely ornate lanterns at the Regent Theatre, which has now closed. Just before it closed they ran through a week of movies, one a day for each decade it had been open. I went with friends to see ET.

Page 25

On the left, below, are the people who contributed to the June header. On the right, is the balloon man in Queen Street Mall (last time I saw him he was standing around looking miffed about a magician who had set up in the vicinity) and giant balls of yarn which mysteriously appeared in one of the squares.

Page 26

3 thoughts on “Sketching: commuters, mangroves, giant knitting

  1. Thanks! Not quite – it is fiercely but locally contested. It’s 3 games between Queensland and New South Wales – very big deal to us and a source of bemusement to everyone else.

    • That’s cool – sort of like a regionsl rivalry between two US college football teams. I had found a really great website on it but I guess I’ll have to find it again – must have been on another PC.

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