Illustration Friday: Artificial

Illustration Friday: Artificial

Brush and ink wash with a bit of pen work.

Selection of things happening in my life for those (like my mother) who require such things: I received my copy of Worlds Next Door today! It looks lovely, and has some beautiful illustrations in it (also stories!). I will post some of my pictures from it soon (I posted thumbnail sketches a while ago). I received good news regarding possible future projects yesterday morning, and rode the Citycat with a friend late yesterday evening trying to (a) spot constellations we knew and (b) work through Brisbane suburbs alphabetically (we stalled on Q and X – I checked and apparently there are none). Last night I also finished rereading Tea with the Black Dragon. Today I found out that I am losing my river view at work (from the cliffs and botanic gardens around to half of the Storey Bridge), but bought jonquils. I also found out I may be able to go to the Ekka after all, if I get all my comics done. Oh, and I found out I am nominated for 2 Ditmars (!) and Angela Slatter posted a drive-by interview with me.

7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Artificial

  1. Even without much in the way of context, I care about these things. :) I’m especially sorry about losing your river view, and especially happy about the nominations.

    I am missing the illustration’s connection to the word today. Can you please point it out for those of us who are having a Monday kind of Thursday?

    • It’s an artificial dragon (I was thinking of What’s Up Doc – “Well, there’s not much to see actually, we’re inside a Chinese dragon”). :)

      Thank you for caring!

  2. Congratulations on the Ditmar Award nominations. Being nominated for “Best New Talent” – wow! I found a good writeup here that lists all the categories and nominees, if anyone else wants to see it.

  3. Wow, that is quite an old book. It has a special charm for those of us living in the Bay Area.

    Dud, for $850, even Australian dollars, send your specs here and I’ll matt ’em.

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