Illustration Friday: Caged (and art show preparation)

Illustration Friday: Caged

I did go to the Ekka on People’s Day and sketch chickens in cages (and bought cupcakes which today we could hammer on the plate without noticeably denting the icing), but am aiming to do planned pictures for Illustration Friday this year – even if they are very small ones. These two (above) are pen and ink with colour and texture added digitally. The font is KellyAnnGothic.

Below, you can see our dining table (it has feet! with claws! but you can’t see those in this picture). What you can see are some of the contenders for a trip to Aussiecon4 in Melbourne. I am showing some art at WorldCon – my first time and I am cheerfully asking people silly questions. I have two folders of original art labelled “possibles” and “probably nots” and – since most of my colour work is digital – the effect is generally rather monochromatic. On the weekend, I went looking for quotes to get matt boards cut for 15 pictures – over $850 at one place (they were very nice and helpful, and their printing is fairly cheap, so I might go back for that), over $400 at another, and I think it will cost me $200 to do it myself, a good part of which is equipment and not consumables.

The pictures may be for sale. I haven’t decided yet. The ones I like enough to enter I like too much to part with.

WIP: Aussiecon4

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