Sketchbook Update

I have started a new sketchbook, so am aiming to get the remaining pages of this one scanned and posted so that I can be all caught up before Worldcon. As ever, you can see larger versions of each image by clicking on them, which will take you through to the Flickr page for each.

Pen-and-ink are unlikely to take over from the markers any time soon – there is considerably more mess involved. It does, however, give a beautiful quality of line (especially when I drag my hand through it). At the bottom left are some people who were filming in the city botanic gardens on my lunch break – what appears to be a backdrop is just the ponds I didn’t get around to colouring (please note ibises waiting on the right – always watching).

Page 27

Sitting in the arcade in the mornings, I’m trying to catch people quickly as they go past. The little walking people and the ‘cameos’ are predominating the sketchbook, but of all the ones I have since drawn, the little beige man on the left, and the little green man beside him are still my favourites. I also like the woman in the orange coat (right page, top left). The tiny cupcakes are exorbitantly priced but this is because, according to the proprietor, they have to be made on silver baking trays by Irish nuns during the new moon, and chilled under the aurora borealis (I paraphrase).

Page 28

On the right are the original sketches which make up this month’s blog header. I recommend spending lunch hours in the City Botanic Gardens – there are auteurs and boomerang-practicers and contortionists and defence-lessons and eels… I may aim to collect the whole alphabet.

Page 29

The black and white picture here is a rendition of the famous and beloved Under the Jacaranda Tree, by R. Godfrey Rivers, recently rehung at the State Library. The original jacaranda of the painting was in the City Botanic Gardens.

Page 30

I like my little walking people. These ones, top left, were outside the Gallery of Modern Art. Not all work out as well as I’d like, but I am fond of check-shirt-guy (top middle) and girl-with-milk-carton (left page, bottom right). This is midwinter, so you may expect to see both quilted jackets and bare arms.

Page 31

One thought on “Sketchbook Update

  1. Be careful in the gardens. I was talking to one of our clients; both she and her husband ended up with ticks after walking the dog in the gardens on a recent visit. They both ended up on antibiotics after getting sick. The dog, on the other hand, was wearing Frontline and is fine. :D

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