Illustration Friday: Star Gazing (and some sketchbook)

Illustration Friday: Stargazing

Above is the official, sister-selected Illustration Friday picture: pen and ink with a hint of colour added on the computer, because even though these were done in a brief respite from my Life And Death Struggle With Vector Illustration I apparently can’t help myself.

Below is a mock-up of a dust cover I’d like to do for my old copy of Day of the Triffids. A week after I finished reading this, I was lying on the oval below college watching a meteorite shower and thinking this is not a good idea, this is not a good idea.

Illustration Friday: Stargazing

I’ve scanned in the rest of my latest sketchbook and will be putting up the images as I edit them – aiming to get through the Ekka and all caught up in time for Worldcon (preparation for which may be summed up as: arrrrghhhh). NB: If you want to see close-ups, click on the image (which will take you to its Flickr page) and then click on “all sizes” above the picture.

As so often, most of these take place in ANZAC Square Arcade on weekday mornings. I have many pages of little cameos, and am wondering what to do with them – stay tuned.

Page 32

I may get little business cards with my little walking people on them. I do like them – all neatly pressed into the sketchbook.

Page 33

Below is one of my favourites – I think it’s the rosy cheeks (I have an ambivalent relationship with the pink marker).

Coffee lady (close-up of page 33)

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Star Gazing (and some sketchbook)

  1. Wow. I Love your IF picture. Very effective. Your pressed people are lovely too, but mostly I love your triffids cover.

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