End of the Sketchbook

I have finished uploading my latest sketchbook – the Flickr folder is here (links to all the sketchbooks are under the “Sketchbook” tab at the top of this page). And here is some on-the-ground, up-to-the minute fashion reporting from the foodcourt at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown. For a sense of scale, the sketch of the girl in red trousers is 3.2cm tall (I think that’s an inch and a quarter?).

P38 close-up

The colours of the cloud at top left are fairly accurate, but out of context it looks bruised. The girl below it (pink background) wears her short hair rather bouffant, with an enormous sequined bow.

Page 38

Another early-morning coffee drinker:

P39 close-up

Sometimes I go back and find people I now know as regulars. The man with the green background on the third row, for examples, nods and smiles every morning, but we have not yet spoken.

Page 39

It is midwinter in Brisbane, as you probably can’t tell from the variety of clothing-lengths below. This is an excerpt from a queue at the Gallery of Modern Art (I think it was for the final show of the Ron Mueck exhibition). I’m happiest with the couple in the middle.

P40 close-up

It seems to be a page for happy couples, as witness the pair left of centre strolling into the fold:

Page 40 - last page!

In other news, my printer/scanner is expiring, so I will pass it on to someone who doesn’t need to print blue, and buy another one. I’m tempted to get a portable scanner, just to have for Worldcon, but wouldn’t have room for it, besides which I spent that money on clothes yesterday (to replace work trousers and a skirt I’ve had for at least four years each, so it’s justifiable, but I still feel that I’ve misplaced my priorities). I spent the afternoon before and the evening after church in the office, and am now properly on holidays. Tomorrow, I matt my pictures. And finish the comic. And pack.

1 thought on “End of the Sketchbook

  1. I like all of these sketches, although I am a bit in shock at the *size* of some of them. (3.2 cm tall? You must have REALLY good eyes!)

    I hope you have a great trip to Worldcon and will look forward to reading about it.

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