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I don’t travel with a camera and I don’t write detailed convention reports. There are many excellent detailed reports out there, and I never do anything with the photos and always get the names wrong (sorry, Chris!). So here, instead, is my sketchbook. It is a very small sketchbook (there is a photo at the end for scale) but you can see the pictures larger by clicking on them to go to their Flickr page.

I’m back from Worldcon in Melbourne! I took two weeks off, which turned out well as I spent much of the first weekend at work, and most of the first Monday cutting matt boards, mounting pictures, matting them in cellophane and jettisoning non-essential plans. On the Tuesday, I flew to Melbourne and walked across the city centre to a hostel in an old convent. Its chief recommendation is its cat, Brother Francis (see below) and a common room with fireplace.

Page 08

It rained and was very cold.  On Wednesday, I went into an unidentified doorway and found myself at the launch of the Melbourne Fringe Festival – Lord Mayors and Members of Parliament, free ale, comic hula-hoopers and Barry Morgan from Morgan’s World of Organs.

Page 09

I also found a cafe with a wonderful mushroom, lentil and cinnamon dahl, medicinal teas (the owner believing the problems of the world can be relieved by the proper application of herbs) and sprouts growing in a yellow birdcage. That afternoon, some very kind Worldcon volunteers smuggled me in the back door under the noses of UN security so I could ask silly questions about hooks and pegboard. On Thursday the convention began. I spent most of the morning setting up in the art show, then emerged into the rest of the convention and was quickly overstimulated – So Many People To Talk To!!! I calmed down a bit by Friday, when I realised that getting to know everyone at the convention was a lost cause. Below, in the propeller beanie, is John Hertz, DUFF winner. On Friday I was able to see the 15 minute animation of Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing.

Page 10

It was my first art show. I spent a lot of time going back to check it out and talk with artists there. I also went to several bid parties in the evening and acquired the stickers on the right, below. I went to various food courts and restaurants and ate far too much with many old and new friends.

Page 11

I did not get to nearly as many panels as I highlighted in the program, but I did go to most of the artist panels – Richard Harland led a panel with David Cornish and Shaun Tan which was a lot of fun because Richard was so fascinated by the process of illustration and David and Shaun kept commenting on each others’ techniques and approaches. I also went to a reading by Catherynne M Valente which was an unexpected delight (I think I was meant to be elsewhere. Also, for some reason I have written Aussiecon3 on that page when it should be Aussiecon4). Richard Harland and Jack Dann were meant to read one after the other, but instead did the voices in each others’ readings (and encouraged audience participation in angry mob scenes). There should be more theatrical readings at conventions! The Ditmars were awarded Friday night – congratulations to everyone I didn’t see, or mistook for someone else!

Page 12

Here are some masquerade costumes, including a rather affectionate Cthulu. That evening, some brave souls and I ventured in to the Filking room and had a wonderful time – harps and ukeleles, guitars and fiddles, silly songs and serious ones.

Page 13

The following day I contributed to public acts of harping (by carrying a harp and egging Ann on). There was more coffee and food, and a rehearsed reading of Norma K Hemmings 1950s play The Matriarchy of Renok (containing the immortal lines “Inferior male technology!” “Inferior female repairs!”). The Hugo awards were that night, and although it was all stately and formal (mostly) it was exciting to be there! More filking that night.

Page 14

I spent most of Monday at the art show, doing paper work (I sold 10 of 13 pictures and won Most Humourous!), and had an extensively bar/restaurant oriented evening before collecting my bags and moving back to the hostel. On Tuesday, I found the Wunderkammer, caught up with (con-going) friends for breakfast and lunch, bought art books and comics and discovered we now had a government.

Page 15

I sketched in the cold in Federation Square. There is a big screen in the square and sometimes they show the news, and sometimes Meerkat Manor and sometimes they turn the camera on the crowd. It is fun to watch peoples’ reactions (also, it enables very small selfportraits). I stopped at St Pauls Cathedral to listen to evensong, and then it was a long cold walk across town back to the hostel. I stopped in a Greek bakery and a mall on the way back.

Page 16

I spent most of the non-con days walking far too far and eating far too much, and the evenings reading ghost stories in the hostel common room, so a fairly ideal holiday. Below left is another hostel guest taking some time with Brother Francis. On Wednesday I walked back to the galleries and saw the Tim Burton exhibition (details below) at ACMI, and the Masterpieces of Europe exhibition at the NGV.

Page 17

As usual, I sketched people looking at paintings instead of the paintings. Then I walked back to the hostel, gathered my bags and trekked back to Southern Cross Station, took a bus to the airport and flew home.

Page 18

Here are some sketchbooks with a yardstick and a good reference book for reference. I put different stickers on the front to tell them apart – the current book (open) is “No Door to Door Traders” which seems to puzzle people.


In conclusion, I had a wonderful time, miss everyone already, have a handful of anthologies to write submissions for and have lengthened the list of people whose work I hope to illustrate one day.

35 thoughts on “Worldcon – Aussiecon4

  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip, and I’m so glad you had such success.

    I am curious about the hula hoop performer (according to Flickr) in the third spread down in the upper left. Was she on a balance bar? What was she up to in this picture?


    I was wondering when we would get the con report.
    I hope you and Lisa will be around to talk to me about it sometime.

    I LOVE the dog sketches!

    And all of them – you capture character and your colours are bright and even effectively communicate shade and tone – difficult with set colours sometimes. :)

    Which ones didn’t you sell?

  3. Your after-action reports on cons are awesome. :) Such a great way to remember things that it leaves me envious – I just have notes jotted down on the inside of my program about various ideas raised or inspired by panel sessions. And lists of books to seek out.

    I think though, knowing Brunswick St. reasonably well, that the place you were sketching caffiene junkies is the ‘Atomica’ cafe. :)

  4. I love this! Such wonderful sketches. Delightful observation and capture of expression.

    I’ve taken up drawing in sketchbooks recently, and hoped to get some done during the con, but just didn’t find the time. I suspect finding time is as much a skill as the drawing itself!

  5. I’m enjoying your WorldCon report very much This site is a virtual place I visit frequently.

    And there are real places in your report, eg the hostel you stayed at, where I just now decided I will stay one day. I have got to meet that cat. When I’m travelling again.

  6. Sounds like you and I did a lot of similar non-con things – I went to NGV and did the European Masters, and LOTS of walking and eating :). No friendly cat unfortunately.

    I took HEAPS of photos (including some of the awesome graffiti that you might like) am wading my way thru editing but posts will be up on my Lensaddiction blog in a few days hopefully.

  7. Gorgeous work!

    Was great to see the originals from Worlds Next Door as well as the other Art Show exhibits; they just seem sharper and cleaner and more breathtaking when they’re all framed and properly lit; I wanted to take everything home, but had to make do with reproductions :)

  8. Those are GREAT sketches, and who needs a camera when one can wield a sketchbook like that?

    I really like “Brother Francis” and met a cat in Newfoundland this past week that I wish I could have taken home with me on the plane…but he definitely had a home there.

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