Ekka 2010

Sooner than never! These are my sketches from the Ekka – I went twice but will upload the surrounding pages in the fullness of time.

This is the first day (after the carwash): mead and chickens, spinning and the woodchop. I really like sketching the woodchop, but it is a race to capture movement when the axeman is climbing up and chopping down a pole in a few minutes flat. I went with Deb, whom you can see below contemplating a clown.

Page 03

Here is a close-up: 2.5×1.5cm:

Orpington - close-up of Page 03

The second day I went alone, and found that sketching parades around a ring has its own trials, mostly to do with foreshortening. The vintage speedcars were (if you can read my writing) “quite thrilling!”.

Page 05

Here is a Man with some Flags: 2cmx2cm

Man with flag - close-up of Page 05

I could have sketched the judges at the dog show indefinitely – all hats and shawls and opinions on specialty Dachshund judging  and the politics thereof. On the way home, a disproportionate number of train passengers were clutching oversized stuffed creatures. and on the right we return to your regularly scheduled ANZAC Square viewing. Of the cameos, top right and bottom left are definitely regulars.

Page 06

Close-up of the band (playing, at this point, ‘all shook up!’). 3.5cmx3cm

Band - close-up of Page 06

And a lady in purple at the dog show: 2cmx4cm

Purple lady - close-up of Page 06


I ate, of course, far too much – Dagwood Dogs which should only be eaten at the Ekka and probably not even then, strawberries & cream, bratwurst and other good things, washed down with tea brewed far too long in an enamel kettle from the CWA stand. I sat in the sun and rode the ferris wheel with Deb and the chair swing by myself and listened to music and fought through crowds and looked at cattle ruminating quietly and generally had a wonderful time.

2 thoughts on “Ekka 2010

  1. It does look as though you had a grand time. I like all the sketches and would have loved to have heard the band playing “All Shook Up”. (That may be may favorite sketch from the ones shown here.)

    I gather Deb must not suffer from coulrophobia. :-)

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