Illustration Friday: Transportation

Illustration Friday: Transportation

So I was at a conference on Saturday. I was listening, but as I don’t knit whenever possible, I drew to keep that part of my mind from distracting the rest of it. Above is a time machine, drawn with black biro and coloured digitally. My older sister made one of these for me when I was growing up.

Illustration Friday: Transportation

The horse (above) is a flight of fancy, but did anyone else make offensive weapons with fastfood wrappers growing up (when they still had styrofoam burger containers)?

Tank and Dalek

Below are two of the raw, unedited sketch pages. Some of these toys I had – my father made us a covered wagon out of wood (I think they were dividers from ammunition boxes), dowel and leather.

Conference sketches 1

The second page gets progressively warlike (suggesting that we were being shown statistics).

Conference sketches 2

In life news, because my mother says I should talk more about myself on the internet, there is currently nothing I can say anything about, either because it isn’t just my business or because it is work-related. But there might possibly be by the end of the month, if events this morning had the desired effect. Oh, I have new summer dresses – that’s news. I see my nephews once a year and they’ve started recognising my outfits. And it has been raining. A lot.

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