Illustration Friday: Spooky (and some poetry, also spooky but in a different way)

Illustration Friday: Spooky

A late night, too many complicated ideas and a desire to keep my hand in at vector drawing in Inkscape leads to another mock book cover.

In other news I’ve been reading Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled, which won’t make you a good poet but will make you an extremely happy one. I have been sitting in cafes composing roundelays and sestinas on my lunch breaks, with such immortal lines as:

I met a straggler in an antique van
Who said, a vast and wheel-less wreck lies prone…


Cry Crivens! and unleash the snails of war!


This is not
cleanly, your mind is stuffed
of bugs and germs.

(the exercises are brilliant) and:

Human invention gives, blind nature takes
Umbrage and rages down a rant of rain –
The bloody umbrella always goes and breaks.

Here is the last verse of today’s effort:

Edward Street Triolet

Ocker-accented bright crows,
Coffee cups and glittering street –
I’d show you where the jasmine grows
And ocker-accented bright crows
Heckle, and ibises eat
From rubbish bins. All would be sweet:
The ocker-accented bright crows,
And coffee cups, and glittering street.



9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Spooky (and some poetry, also spooky but in a different way)

  1. The hare lip termbling through the frozen grass.

    Unfortunately I could never come up with the rest of the pastiche worthy of that…

    I can tell the verse from the Ancient Mariner referred to in Casting the Runes which you have referenced in your cover illustration.

  2. “The snails of war”? What an image…now I’m picturing these giant snails with turrets, creeping along to the tune of Holst’s Mars. (No idea how to illustrate that, though.)

  3. Cry Crivens! Ah, Terry Pratchett references. :) I take it you’ve read ‘I Shall Wear Midnight’?

    Somehow, Pratchett and Fry just go together, don’t they?

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