Illustration Friday: Racing

Illustration Friday: Racing

I’m still recovering from running through the city sketching zombies, so here is a digital sketch – it’s in a style I like but haven’t quite defined yet.

In other news, the straggly vines by the front gate have come out all over in star jasmine and are climbing the fence. I am trying to read Tom Clancy in German. One of the jobs on my illustration wishlist just came true. The Hidden Persuaders just used the line “the mango of the spirit world”. I am planning to do NaNoWriMo and bring the Robin Hood-esque tale of the last two years to a conclusion, and Brisbane is full of jacaranda flowers.

3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Racing

  1. Hello from Rome, Katie.
    Illustration wishlist news canàt wait to hear! Also look forward to Nano fruits. Cannot seem to make a lot of sense on this hostel computer. Something about it all being in Italian and refusing to change… but more because I cant remember any of my passwords, so I have been totally without internet. Also texting you donàt work, so no communications have been happening. Unless you count all the postcards currently flapping their ways accross the world. Rome is (expensive but) lovely. Found a gluten free pizzeria. Ate most heavenly dessert ever, Sicilian Canoli. YOU. MUST. TRY. Home to England soon, chat then. Saw a castle today, very cool! Wish you were here to share.
    ç) (thats a smiley) A.

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