Illustration Friday: Burning

Illustration Friday: Burning

This is a fairly flat piece – I wanted to try out different ways of treating hand-drawn lines on scanning. Charlotte and Elise kindly posed for a quick reference photo. I drew a pencil sketch and an ink (marker) final. After I scanned it, I imported it into a vector program (Inkscape) and reduced it to a single black line. This gave a much smoother finish than fiddling around with Photoshop (but I only have Elements). Colour and texture added in Photoshop, as usual.

In other news, I reached 50,000 words today for NaNoWriMo (but still haven’t finished the story, although a possible end is in sight). I have been taking tennis lessons with my sister. Some new illustration projects are in the works. After the Pratchett play last night a friend and I drove around Indooroopilly and shouted “Expelliarmus!” at full-costumed Potter fans taking photos of themselves walking over the zebra-crossing. I went to the Southbank Institute graphic design portfolio show tonight, and Shayna (sister of the models above) won the paper portfolio prize, very deservedly. And I received a much-awaited letter today, of which more tomorrow (I hope).

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Burning

  1. Have to say, I find this a little somber. As if one of them is an Indian bride on her way to suttee, hence the connection to Burning. (I can see that it’s a fever, but that was where my brain went…)

    The curves in this picture, of the hair tendrils and the blue dress, are very lovely. Were the blue dress and the hairdo with pink flowers drawn from life?

    • No, the dress and hairdo weren’t from life – thank you for the compliment! The curves and folds of the blue dress follow the general lines of the singlet my model wore.

  2. Heh, my mind went straight to that story of yours trying to find a home, Katie. Deliberate? And then I saw her feeling the girl’s temperature. Good work.

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