Illustration Friday: Sneaky

Illustration Friday: Sneaky

I am testing out styles and techniques for another project here – as usual! Pen and ink, scanned, vectorised, coloured in Photoshop. I like rough colouring, but not as it appears here. The guinea pigs are two characters from a little gag strip I did in a sketchbook early this year (I think as a break from The Steampunk Comic) – they are a wannabe superhero and her sidekick, and although they are generally on the side of good they are prepared to blur the definition.

In other news, and somewhat related to the topic (I have been dropping hints): On Friday I handed in my resignation. After 6 and a half years in private practice as a property lawyer, I am going into the public service (still as a lawyer). I had the chance to go on a short secondment to a government authority recently (I don’t talk about work here, generally, so I may not have mentioned I have worked for a very good firm) and loved it and am now very excited about changing tracks. But I am not leaving before the Christmas parties.

14 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Sneaky

  1. Excellent news.

    And I like the top comic too. I think it is because of the lively hand gestures. There seems to be so much more going on than in the second comic.

    • Heh – thanks. I’m aware of L&S but have never watched the show, so I can’t answer confidently. The bottom one is growing on me, although I’m not sure why – I have been having fun with the comic-y style on top.

  2. I like them both, but agree with the majority: the top one looks fun! Is there a story to go with them? They look like you and me. :)

  3. For some reason I like the second one better…it makes the superheroes seem mysterious. Sort of a superheroes noir, perhaps.

    Congratulations on the new position. Government service has its pluses and minuses – but so does every position, and I am confident you will do very well wherever you go.

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