Illustration Friday: Prehistoric

Illustration Friday: Prehistoric

In this picture I was working on fur textures in scratchboard, and on colouring it with watercolour pencils (instead of digitally). It is the usual small-scale piece (3 x 8.5cm). If I were to do it again I would put heavy black outlines around parts of the picture (arms and legs and so forth) rather than simply running them into the background.

In other news, for those who like to keep tabs: I am working on a few illustration jobs. I have one week left at work. I am onto the second branch on my advent calendar. I have received my first Christmas card. I have to wear a shiny red hat to a Christmas party tomorrow night. We have seen sunlight and real stars over the last 48 hours! My umbrella is no longer waterproof. My wallet is held closed with elastic bands. I am slowly savouring my way through a new and beautiful edition of Wendy Cope’s poetry. I don’t have Christmas cards yet. The jury is still out on whether ibises are appropriately festive.

12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Prehistoric

  1. So, either you very much need a new wallet, or they’re stuffing you to the gills with currency in the last few weeks at your job. :)

    Also, I really like this picture.

    Also also, can you send me your new address? I have Christmas goodies to send you.

  2. I like this, and it seems to me to be a great exhibition of the textures that can be achieved via scratchboard.

    I suppose ibises could be quite festive wearing Christmas hats!

    • Thanks, Will! The main objection seems to be that they are scavengers, but I still like them. Although their beaks remind me of handles and when they’re stalking me at a cafe I always want to grab hold of them.

      • Now that I did not know – that ibises are scavengers. I guess that would indeed make them not everyone’s cup of tea for images on Christmas cards!

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