Talk about the weather

Thanks to those who have asked about my family and I – we are still above water (although everything smells damp), but that’s more than can be said for a lot of Queensland. Huge areas of the state are flooded or cut off, and the rest is so wet that when it rains there is no-where for the water to go. The sky was so dark with clouds earlier today that it looked like evening and there was flash-flooding in Toowoomba, which is on top of the range.

There’s some footage of it here:

Edit 11 Jan 2010: Parts of the CBD were evacuated, so I am home early today. There was a rumour the trains would stop at 1pm. People are enjoying their first opportunity to panic shop. Brisbane river has burst its banks at West End. Roads are cut all over the place. Man on train said the important thing to worry about is whether you have cold beer to drink while sitting on the roof. And it is still raining.

My sister and I have decided rum+coke would be appropriate.

Edit 11 Jan 2011: They may start turning power off to suburbs soon. Our street is on the flood list, but all except one end is above 1974 flood levels. We do not have gas or candles because frankly, the thought of trying to cook with gas is unattractive and my sister and I have expressly agreed that we are prepared to live on cold pasta and flavoured tuna indefinitely. Also, pink velvet cupcakes (seriously – who has 6 tablespoons of red food colouring just lying around?). So if there aren’t any more updates, don’t worry – we just won’t have internet access. I’ll have my phone, but keeping the charge on it so may not call.

Edit 12 Jan 2011: 7.30am. Our street is cut off now, and water is rising at the bottom. Snakes are swimming by with their heads held out of the water. We have cupcakes, pasta and flavoured tuna and are preparing for the seige. Also, my sister filled every receptacle in the kitchen with water (except the kettle). We can get out on foot, and it isn’t pretty. Houses on neighbouring streets are flooded, the big furniture business down the road is half-submerged, with shipping containers floating in the carpark. The Ipswich Motorway is awash as far as we can see from the top of the roundabout towards the city. We still have power, but don’t know for how much longer. And no, we’re not going into work today.

17 thoughts on “Talk about the weather

  1. I’ll talk about the weather with you. I thought Toowoomba is at the top of the range, and above flooding!

    I’m at 5 metres above sea level, practically next to the Brunswick River and there are flood warnings out for us as we speak. The ground is sodden, any more of the wet stuff and we will all be carried downstream.

    I wish you sunshine and wind!

  2. My goodness! I had hoped you were still out of that mess but heard about the latest reverses in Brisbane and thought I’d check. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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  4. (seriously – who has 6 tablespoons of red food colouring just lying around?)

    Actually, I have (a few years ago I bought a whole jar of red food colouring powder to do Easter eggs for church) but 6 tablespoons would be enough for 180 eggs!

  5. Good reports. That would be something awe-ful to see: the ipswich motorway flooded!

    Glad to hear so far so good. Thanks for the updates!

  6. Liz and I were both wondering if you and your house were okay in all of this. I expect the situation may remain changeable over the next day or so, but hope it all stays safe and dry for you.

    We’re thinking of all the people we know in Brisbane, and Queensland in general, with fingers crossed.

  7. Yikes! Our family has been reading about all the horrors of the flooding. We pray that you and yours are still safe and as dry as can be…

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