Finishing School

Here is the table of contents for Steampunk!, the anthology Kelly Link and Gavin Grant edited and which is being published by Candlewick Press this year:

  • Cassandra Clare, “Some Fortunate Future Day”
  • Libba Bray, “The Last Ride of the Glory Girls”
  • Cory Doctorow, “Clockwork Fagin”
  • Shawn Cheng, “Seven Days Beset by Demons” (comic)
  • Ysabeau Wilce, “Hand in Glove”
  • Delia Sherman, “The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor”
  • Elizabeth Knox, “Gethsemene”
  • Kelly Link, “The Summer People”
  • Garth Nix, “Peace in Our Time”
  • Christopher Rowe, “Nowhere Fast”
  • Kathleen Jennings, “Finishing School” (comic)
  • Dylan Horrocks, “Steam Girl”
  • Holly Black, “Everything Amiable and Obliging”

I’ve been being alternately cryptic and stressed about this for some time, but it’s really drawn and written and real and proofread and everything now, and everytime I look at that table of contents I feel a bit faint.

“Finishing School” has flying machines and explorers and steam-powered kangaroos and bushrangers and Mulga Bill. It does not, however, feature the Australian coat of arms, so the wind-up emu below found himself without a job at the draft stage and didn’t make it into the comic.

Clockwork Emu

11 thoughts on “Steampunk!

  1. I am SO DAMN FULL OF SQUEE every time I see that table of contents. Am sooo excited for you! And, of course, am delighted others are finally seeing your name where it should be: up with all the other big names, where it deserves to be, and will be much more, hereafter. :)

  2. What great news! I will have to acquire a copy of this – am looking forward to it.

    (I had the same thought as Susan: perhaps that poor unemployed emu will find a position somewhere else. :-) )

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