After the Rain – limited edition

My story “Mouseskin” is coming out later this year in the anthology After the Rain from Fablecroft.

Editor Tehani Wessely, together with authors in the anthology, has put together a limited ebook version as a fund raiser for the Queensland flood appeal. The limited edition is only available until 15 February 2011. All payments will go to the Flood Appeal, and Tehani is leaving it up to you to decide how much you want to pay for the book. Full details are here:

And here is a quick sketch of the title character of my story:


7 thoughts on “After the Rain – limited edition

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this. I have put in my order and will look forward to reading the e-book.

    I surely hope and pray this enormous cyclone (Yasu? Yasi?) does not affect Brisbane and that Cairns in the north is spared major damage. I saw an image of the storm superimposed over the USA and it nearly covers the USA West of the Mississippi!!

    • Thanks, Will! I hope you enjoy it. Yasi hasn’t affected SE Qld (where Brisbane is), but the north has been badly shaken. No fatalities yet that I’ve heard of but lots of property damage. A lively start to the year for Qld!

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