Worlds Next Door

In 2010 I drew 7 illustrations for Fablecroft Press’ anthology Worlds Next Door, a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories for young readers:

I posted some thumbnail sketches and roughs at the time (back here), and then didn’t say anything more.

The book has since come out and been reviewed all around the place, and so here are the illustrations I did for it – all in technical pen on drawing paper. (You can see a slightly larger version here).

Worlds Next Door

My favourite illustrations are “The Guardians” and “Genevieve and the Dragon”, although I hope I caught something of a Disney-style Prince Charming for “Enid and the Prince”.

6 thoughts on “Worlds Next Door

  1. Yeah, I still crave “The Guardians” for its beautiful composition, Australianness and crisp execution. Having them in the printed book must suffice until I am rich and famous!

  2. The one for “The Guardians” looks at least faintly Oriental to me…an interesting effect. Probably my own favorites of these are “Enid and the Prince” and “Ghost Town”!

  3. Thank you all!

    Thoraiya (and Aimee) we shall be rich and expensive and famous together :)

    Crisi-tunity – maybepossibly just a little. I always loved those illustrations (although it wasn’t until I read Sun in the Morning that I realised the author did them).

    Will – thanks, I’m glad you like Ghost Town! It felt unloved. The Guardians did have an element of Australian Chinese history & culture in it.

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