Illustration Friday: Reverse

Illustration Friday: Reverse

The first person to get the joke/pun/quotation and post it in the comments may have the original drawing of this illustration in return for evidence of a donation to a recognised fund for Australian flood, fire or cyclone relief. Congratulations to my mother, who worked it out. Next time, no family. Our brains are too alike. The answer is:
Why is a banana like the laws of the Medes and the Persians? Because neither can be repealed.

Pen and ink, with thanks & apologies to Albert Racinet’s costume encyclopaedia.

11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Reverse

  1. King Asherban(an)ipal, Mesopotamian ruler, bass relief carving. Original holding a spear.

    If buying ‘After the Flood’ ebook doesn’t count, i will make another donation. Or you can give it to someone else in exchange for a donation.

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  3. Is there a connection to Darius, king of Medes and Persians, who hearing of Daniel’s plight said that the law cannot be repealed???

  4. I guess Esther and plight of the Jews is similar with King Xerxes saying that any document sealed with his ring cannot be revoked.

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