Illustration Friday: Sweater

Illustration Friday: Sweater

This week I am trying out styles and techniques for some ongoing projects, which include some full-page black and white illustrations – usually I do little vignettes that sit in the middle of the page. It refers pretty heavily to art nouveau portraits and Japanese woodblock prints, which styles (as well as being related) are connected to two of the stories.

The original drawing is in dip-pen and ink, with ink washes. The coloured versions were messed with in Photoshop – I applied a filter and mixed a layer of flat colours in different ways.

In other news: the new job is going well, I have taken two dance classes, I’ve sold a short story about which I am very happy (it’s called “Undine Love” and I am fond of it), I’ve finished the first draft of the story that features in this month’s header image (not much resemblance between the two now, however) and I’m using my flex-time by having coffees and lunches with everyone in sight, so if you too like to have caffeine in company and know how to find me, please do!

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Sweater

  1. The contrast between the B&W version and the color renditions is interesting to me because usually I tend to like B&W…but for some reason that upper right color rendition strikes a really good note for me. If I HAD to pick a favorite of these that one (“the golden girl”, I suppose might be a title) would be mine.

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