Illustration Friday: Swarm

Yes, I have better things to do with my time. It was late, I was back from a post-flood street barbeque, I was talking with Aimee, her sisters were coming to stay the night with me, and the evening got away. So here is this week’s Illustration Friday picture:

Illustration Friday: Swarm

I drew it with a dip-pen and ink on a piece of A5 drawing paper, with the help of rough tracings and a light box to make sure things lined up. I hope never to have to draw this many butterflies at once again. Then I scanned it in and coloured it in Photoshop. I have had this idea for a while – originally it was to be more Gorey-esque, but I do like the Edwardian(ish) clothes.

And then, of course, I printed it and cut it out and put it together. It looked just like a real printed paperdoll (under the circumstances, I was disproportionately pleased about this) and all the little bits fit together.

Attacked by butterflies

Since this is an illustration of a very small natural disaster, I will give away prints of it in exchange for a disaster relief donation.

So, if you would like a colour print, please send me an email with your address and a copy of your receipt for a donation for at least A$15 to a recognised fund for disaster relief for the Christchurch Earthquake, the Queensland Floods, the Victorian Floods or the Queensland Cyclone, such as New Zealand Red Cross, Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army in Australia or New Zealand, Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, New Zealand Save the Children. I’ll leave this open until 12 March 2011. (And I swear, if we get another natural disaster in March, I’m going to stop using earth-friendly products).

I will also give away the original sepia ink drawing if someone makes a donation, as above, for at least A$80. For that one, email me and make a bid by the end of the week (5 March 2011) – I’ll let you know if you’re the highest bidder, then you can send me the receipt and address as above.

My email is:

14 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Swarm

  1. It’s very tempting to send you a paper lute for her to hold. Or perhaps a cobweb broom. Or a shotgun, tobacco pipe and pith helmet. That pose just has so many possibilities.

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