Women’s History, and Illustration Friday: Cultivate

Sewing Shawl

This week’s Illustration Friday illustration is a pen and ink drawing which I edited in Inkscape and Photoshop (thinking: cultivate –> elegance and flowers).

It is also one of two illustrations I did for a guest post on Gillian Pollack’s blog for Women’s History Month. She has collected a wonderful range of posts by very different women. Mine is a little bit on my childhood and a little bit of opinion on Strong Female Characters. You should read them all, but mine is here: Women’s History Month: Kathleen Jennings.

In other news: Our house was carefully cleaned for my sister’s visitors and is now reduced to a wasteland of ink and nibs and art and books and paper and chai and turkish apple tea by mine; friends and I have been inventing writing games, about which I will post more; I am still dancing on Mondays and Wednesdays (and hobbling on Fridays); I went to Jason Webley‘s concert at The Zoo on Wednesday and it was wonderful; I am in the throes of several projects; I like work; I need sleep.

Edit: I know this is linked to the Illustration Friday page under Toy but the topic must have switched over while I was posting it. Also, not midnight yet! Still Friday!

5 thoughts on “Women’s History, and Illustration Friday: Cultivate

  1. Thank you all!
    David – thanks for that, it was what I was trying for. I’ve been messing around with tracing pen and ink drawings in vector programs instead of just cleaning them up in Photoshop.

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