Illustration Friday: Toy

Illustration Friday: Toy

“Traffic was backed up for miles”.

Dip pen and ink. All the toys except the sedan are from the toybox in my Australian grandmother’s house. The sheep and the motorcyclist are, I suspect, lead – their finer details are very malleable and, in some cases, missing. The van and the rhinoceros are plastic. I found the sedan in the backyard uncovered by the rain and kept it – I love toy cars with doors that open.

7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Toy

  1. Love them too, openable toys. Got a couple of finds standing around on my bookshelves.

    I love your sheep, so undefined it’s almost a blob, yet it still has the essence of sheep-ness. Exactly the bodily expression when a sheep is present at an event it has no understanding of.

  2. Hi Kathleen
    Your blog is great.
    I really enjoy your hand drawing, your lines have expression and humor of their own (forgive my English, it’s not my mother tongue).
    I’ll be around :)

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