Illustration Friday: Journey

The catalogue for the Future Imperfect art show (with 4 of my pieces, posted earlier) is out:

Illustration Friday: Journey - elaborate

The picture above is a test patch for a larger mosaic illustration. It is 11cm high, drawn in pen and ink. I now have a cramp in my hand and am probably not going to approach the larger picture this way! Below is a much simpler pen and ink sketch of the same character, who I imagine (like so many English heroes) ran out the door without so much as a pocket handkerchief. Colours for both are added in Photoshop.

Illustration Friday: Journey - simple

11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Journey

  1. I really like this fellow and his dog. Very cool.
    I also looked at the catalogue for the Future Imperfect show. Lots of interesting pieces, but I think yours really stand out as something special!

  2. I did wonder just how long it took to draw the mosaic – but it is a most charming piece. Wonder how hard it would be to make a mosaic of that pattern?

    Unrelated: did you see the “Disco Daleks” in the catalogue? WOW. Some “Doctor Who” fan surely needs to buy that one!!!

    • Thanks, Will! Too long!

      I know! There were some great pieces in the catalogue and I *wish* I’d been able to get to the convention. A friend has sent me a photo from her phone but it isn’t the same.

  3. Now I want to write a story about someone who leaves the house without so much as a pocket handkerchief! We take so much with us when we go out… keys, money, etc. My character would have to bolt and get going… wait! I have one of those stories somewhere! *goes off to rummage*

    • Was it Bilbo who did it first? I get confused because pocket handkerchiefs always seem so very important in stories – Bilbo, and Mrs Tiggywinkle and the Railway Children…

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