Illustration Friday: Bicycle

Illustration Friday: Bicycle

Since the royal wedding is all-pervading.

In other news: Why yes, I am going to watch the wedding, with (I am promised) trifle and our own running commentary since certain satirical coverages have been cancelled. My computer has been troublesome and the man at the store (for whom it worked perfectly) was astonished at its age (I am given to understand it now has retro chic). I stalked an old French man at the Borders closing sale until he admitted he was not buying the book I wanted – “It is just – the ’20s, I love them… but – too late!” he said, and I answered, “Cheer up, we’re almost there again.” I did let him finish looking through the book. I am not completely heartless. The rain and the flood commission continue. My sister brought some spot-on-CWA-perfect coconut cake home from work. I also have a picture of an echidna on an exercise bicycle but must reserve it for the opportune moment.

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Bicycle

  1. I wonder if newlyweds in the UK (or Australia, for that matter) drive their car away from the wedding with noisy cans trailing the car (tied to the car with strings). If that makes any sense to you all, I was wondering if UNICYCLES could pull such cans!

    Great drawing and as someone else said, a good metaphor.

  2. Thank you all! Lynne – I hope so :)
    Will, yes, they often do. Perhaps they would need to be held back from the wheel of a unicycle… maybe strap a fishing-rod out the back?

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