In April (2011), in honour of Doctor Who’s imminent return, I started inflicting the Dalek Game on my friends. It is much simpler than the Blurb Game and can provide hours of fun (and annex a great deal of available brain-space). It is played by replacing important words in book titles with “Dalek”, and is suitable for long car trips.

I have started drawing the most visual of these bad Dalek jokes for my own amusement and will be posting them twice a week until I run out, which may not be for some time. Edit 29 March 2012: Schedule has switched to once a week.

They are all drawn in sepia ink with a dip pen on A6 medium-weight drawing paper (except for the 75 or so which are still drafts pencilled on yellow sticky notes).

If you are not yet familiar with Doctor Who or the Daleks, you can check them out on the BBC website , or Wikipedia: Doctor Who, Daleks.

For those who are, I am not attempting detailed scale representations of the Daleks. They are my favourite Doctor Who monster not because of their construction and complex history but because of that tone of rising panic in their voices. They remind me of harried engineers.

Edited to add:

Prints: I have contacted the BBC in relation to selling prints – I will update this if they become available.

Prints update: I have heard back from the BBC, and they have declined permission to sell prints. If anything changes, I will update this further.

The pictures to date are –