The Dalek Game

The Dalek Game is played by simply replacing important words in book titles with “Dalek”, and is suitable for long car trips.

The Daleks are drawn with a dip pen on A6 paper. I am not attempting accurate representations of the Daleks. They are my favourite Doctor Who creature not because of their construction and complex history but because of that tone of rising panic in their voices. They remind me of harried engineers.

The pictures to date are:

121 thoughts on “The Dalek Game

  1. I have passed this vital information onto my other half…….if you get weird memos at work you’ll know a)why & b)who from :-)

  2. What a great game…not that you could draw this particular concept, but one could even go as far as Inglourious Daleks, I suppose. Or The Other Side of the Dalek.

    I think I like your The Dalek in Winter way-y-y better than anything I’ve come up with!

  3. Seeing them all laid out like this, I think you should try to publish all of these in a book. They’re all so delightful, I can’t even narrow down my three favorites.

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  5. Wonderful! I came here via Neil’s tweet & love them.
    I especially like ‘Regency Dalek’ (I’m a big Heyer fan) and ‘the little dalek’

    BTW, having read your comments about Heyer, have you ever read any of Jane Aiken Hodge’s regency romances? I find they have a similar ‘flavour’…

    • Thank you so much! I am having a great deal of fun with them.

      And I haven’t read any Jane Aiken Hodge (although I am very fond of her sister’s writing and… oh, I must do a Dalek of Willoughby Chase sometime – this list is getting too long!). I will check her out. So far the books with the closest flavour which I have found have been Diana Wynne Jones, CS Forrester and Lois McMaster Bujold.

      Thank you for commenting!

  6. rofl. i’ve been reading a lot of classics lately. so the things that sprung to my mind were: To Kill a Dalek, The Picture of Dalek, The Adventures of Dalek, Dalek in Wonderland and Dr Dalek and Mr Hyde.

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  8. so much fun! i really like all your ideas – how about *the lion, the witch and the dalek* or *macdalek*, *king dalek* and *a midsummernight’s dalek* or *all daleks great and small* or … oh, i could go on and on and on for hours – this is such a great game …

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  12. Shakespeare seems a ripe vein: Julius Dalek, A Midsummers Night’s Dalek, Two Daleks of Verona.

    Personally, let’s move into movies with The Good, the Bad and the Dalek.

  13. One Flew Over the Dalek’s Nest
    Fellowship of the Dalek
    The Two Daleks
    Return of the Dalek
    Do Daleks dream of Electric Sheep?
    A Scanner Dalek
    The Colour of Daleks

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  15. Heart-Shaped Dalek! Everything’s Dalek! The Blue Dalek (or The Dalek Sword — it works either way)! Snow Dalek! Wee Free Daleks! The living Dalek! Iron Dalek!

    Hehe — oh, what an endlessly amusing pastime… thanks!

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  17. Tinker Tailor Soldier Dalek (TTSS)
    Dalek Jackson (Percy Jackson series)
    Matilda (and Daleks)
    Angels & Daleks (Angels & Demons, this would be so awesome, seeing as you can include ANGELS)
    A Series of Unfortunate Daleks (A series of Unfortunate events)
    Who moved my Dalek? (Who moved my cheese?)
    The Curious incident of the Dalek in the night time (The Curious incident of the Dog in the night time)

    Just a few suggestions :)

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  19. Leaves of Dalek
    1 Dalek, 2 Dalek, Red Dalek, Blue Dalek
    Raggedy Dalek
    Winnie the Dalek
    Game of Daleks
    80,000 Leagues under the Dalek
    Journey to the Center of the Dalek
    Dalek vs. Predator
    The Wind-Up Dalek Chronicles

  20. The Legend of King Dalek
    Dalek & Juliet
    The Twelfth Dalek
    The Dalek of Venice
    The Dalek Also Rises
    The Dalek Jar
    The Glass Dalek
    Waiting for Dalek
    Fiddler on the Dalek

    okay, back to my regular programming….

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  26. Good luck with getting the rights. From what I understand, the Daleks are jointly owned by the BBC and the estate of Terry Nation, and for some time Nation’s estate was quite quick to quash any humorous portrayal of Daleks.

  27. A Dalek Grows in Brooklyn

    Much Ado about Daleks

    The Electric Cool-Aid Dalek Test

    Even Daleks Get the Blues

    Half Asleep in Dalek Pajamas

    A Dalek Runs Through It

    The Amazing Jumping Dalek of Calaveras County

    Rosemary’s Dalek

    Doctor Dalek (or Dalek Zhivago?)

    Dalek on a Hot Tin Roof

    Valley of the Daleks

    The Brothers Dalek

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Daleks But Were Afraid to Ask

    I’m OK, You’re a Dalek

  28. The Common Sense Book of Baby and Dalek Care
    The Girl with Dalek Tatoo
    The Very Hungry Dalek
    What to Expect When You’re Expecting Daleks
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Daleks
    The Dalek Whisperer
    How to Win Friends and Influence Daleks
    The Daleks of Madison County
    The Cat in the Dalek
    What Color is Your Dalek?
    Dalek Soup for the Soul
    Berenstain Daleks
    The Dalek as Will and Idea
    The Interpretation of Daleks
    The Dalek Mystique
    Dalek in the Time of Cholera
    The Dalek Without Qualities
    A Good Dalek Is Hard To Find

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  35. I think it is the Nation Estate which is the trouble, as someone said. Perhaps other monsters:
    Tales of Cyberman life
    The Mill on the Fendahl
    Azrael Bede
    Dalek Deronda (has to be one)

  36. What a great game! Your artistic and interpretative skills amaze me. Here are some classic titles that I believe haven’t yet been suggested.

    The Dalek of the Opera
    The Hundred and One Daleks
    Uncle Dalek’s Cabin/Uncle Tom’s Dalek
    The African Dalek
    20,000 Daleks Under the Sea
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Dalek
    The Dalek in the Stone
    A Dalek Named Desire (do plays count?)
    The Velveteen Dalek
    The Wonderful Dalek of Oz
    Look Homeward, Dalek
    Dalek Poppins
    Dalek Come Home
    Goodnight, Dalek
    The Dalek over the River Kwai
    The Dalek in the Iron Mask
    Dalek Be Not Proud
    Arms and the Dalek
    Born Dalek
    Journey to the Center of the Dalek
    Hans Brinker, or the Silver Dalek
    Daleks Along the Mohawk
    Dalek’s Web
    Of Daleks and Punishment
    The War of the Daleks
    Daleks and Amazons

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